Gender Equality

I have been studing Development Studies (a mix of Geography, Politics and Economics.) Today I was learning about how much gender equality impacts other important things like universal primary education, eradicating hunger, lowering the infant mortality rate, and improving maternal health.

So hey thought I’d write a little on of what I’ve gleaned from my text book!

Gender equality is not feminists holding up signs and demanding a pay rise.

Gender equality is making sure that girls younger than 18 are not forced into marriages with old men and made to have loads of kids until their bodies are too weak to do any jobs, some women then get beaten by their husbands because they can’t run the house hold.

Gender equality is ensuring that girls are allowed to go to school and are given the chances boys are.

Gender equality is stopping men stopping their wives from going to clinics and getting the healthcare they need.

Gender equality means removing the glass ceiling from women in the workplace in developing countries.

Gender equality means girls having an EQUAL share in decision making because girls brains do work different from boys and they will come up with different solutions to problems.

Gender equality is EQUAL rights, for men and women.



I heard a quote once, that our Universe, should be called a Multichorus. I think this is true, whoever you are, wherever you are, you sing your duet, or solo, or group part and in some way are part of the huge choir of the world.

Music is a language anyone can speak, it reaches over barriers of age, time and culture. It is ‘quite’ a big part of my life. As aforesaid, I play piano, flute, guitar (very badly, ‘Oh when the Saints’ being my most polished accomplishment), and sing for fun. I love listening to music. About last week I was flicking through songs and found this one called Fix You. I listened to it and was nearly in tears by the end. The writer connected with me in a way he will never know. That is what I think is beautiful about music, most everyone interprets it in a different way, some it just passes by like a river, and others hold it in the treasure trove of their hearts forever.

Music inspires feelings. Anger, love, sadness, happiness, sass 😛 Dancing has always brought people together, to be fair, it leaves some stood on the sidelines, but from ballet dancers, to dads, everyone can enjoy it and just ‘let it go’…. 😀

Music brings people together. Think back a couple of weeks to the Manchester attack, a while after this they did the One Love Manchester concert. Thousands, and I mean thousands of people listened whether through radio, (it was on nearly every station), television, or live, people all over the UK and the world, were touched. To me, it was a vivid picture that in the face of horrible things like that, we will stand together.

Basically I think we should never underestimate the incredible power of music in the human heart. From Beethoven to heavy metal, it pulls the strings of our hearts and brings us together.

In which I introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Heather. I am 14 years old, British (rule Britannia!) but with many other roots, a devoted lover of books, and as I should have probably said first- a Christian. Wait! Before you all run off, I am not a perfect person in fact I am quite the opposite, and I just have to say one thing: Being a Christian means Jesus should be the centre of my life, thus if I am going to write a blog on me, I can’t leave my saviour out.

I am very normal, I am not an up and coming fashion queen, gifted photographer, a second Leonardo Di Vinci, or anything of the sort. But I do play piano and flute, write poems (you will probably see samples of them!) and I write stories. However I am no author. An author is dedicated, persistent, in love with writing, and writes enough for a book to be called a book not just a couple of thousand words, I am none of this. (Actually, if I suddenly don’t write for ages, do send me a reminder… I am not, how do you say, errr, good at continuing things I start, as my many half started ‘books’ will tell.

I am also part of a family. We aren’t perfect, I argue with my two sisters (Hannah and Emily), shout at my brother (Joshua) and talk back to my parents (Wendy and Glyn, or as you will probably come to know them- Mum and Dad.)

Note: I will be giving my friends and other people featuring in my stories different names.

As I said before, I love books. I read anything and everything, from Harry Potter to Jane Austen, my favourites include: Pride and Prejudice, the Anne of Green Gables series, the Mirror Chronicles, Narnia, and many, many more. I will be doing book reviews on this blog as well 😛 Look forward to it!

I like movies (I mean, which 14 year old in this day and age doesn’t?) a couple of my favourites are Hunger Games (Peeta supporter right here) Divergent (gotta love it!) and the timeless favourite…. Harry Potter! I love the BBC Pride and Prejudice, and Sherlock. Also most Marvel movies, and Lord of the Rings. (TBH I think that the Hobbit films were awful, but each to their own opinion, and I love the LOTR trilogy.) Others: I’m Not Ashamed (sooooo good, will review it later possibly), and the Power of One (old movie that my mum made me watch but I loved by the end of it.)

And music. Music says what words cannot. Sometimes I find songs literally moving me almost to tears. I don’t like a particular band or singer, and I usually just listen to whatever my older sister is into at the time (then end up hating it because she plays it too much) but I do like this incredible composer/pianist Yiruma, he is amazing! As I said before I usually like songs not bands, although I am going through a little Megan Trainer phase at present…

I will be writing on the long and winding road to eternity, what we call life. The path will have its ups and downs, triumphs and failures, and joys and sorrows.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy taking the journey with me!