Behind the name

So the name. There were not many names on my list, one, that this almost got called was ‘Second Star to the Right’ as in from Peter Pan. But eventually I decided on Jeans and Dresses (as you can probably tell :P) I have called it this because I think that I have two sides to my character (not quite as drastic as Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde perhaps, but still.)

Firstly, my ‘Jeans’ side:

Social, loud, confident, and relaxed… Less of a dreamer and more sarcastic and realistic.


And my ‘Dresses’ side:

My ‘Dresses’ girl is the one you would see running through a field barefoot on a rainy day, head uplifted to catch the sapphire droplets of rain on her face, or walking slowly through flowers, speaking a piece of poetry out loud. She tells herself stories, and weaves bridges through time. She is touched by the hands of heroes long gone who reach out to change or inspire her. The ‘Dresses’ girl is my dreamer, the one who reads a piece of poetry or plays a piece of music and finds it transporting her far away to Neverland.

I’m wearing Jeans, but it’s the Dresses girl who changes me.