I haven’t written in a loooong while so I thought I’d post this poem that I wrote the other day. It’s a poem about war, I literally cannot think of anything else to say but I hope you like it….. 🙂

Came the cry and over side you fell
Tripping as you ran
Dodging bomb and shell.
Gone is happy song and cheer of yesterday,
Gone are meadows sweet in which the children play.
Boys are playing now but the games are far too rough
Don’t want your white feather?
Then you cannot scream “ENOUGH”
Sleep, silent wonder
Life’s not yours to own
Never reach your native shore
Never get back home
Beautiful fatality
Thrown down.
True morality?
Caught up by mortality
Choked in men’s brutality.
Drown in lost tomorrows
Of boys but never men
Send out more and more and more
Time and time again.
Crushed under foot
Untended sorrel
Is this courage good?
Will it win my laurel?
Hark now, hear it
“Come” the angels call
They do not speak to you and me
But take our rescuers all.


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