This is a short story thing that I found deep in our computer today. I don’t know what mood I was in when I wrote this, but it sure don’t seem very cheerful. Anyway hope you enjoy!


The girl stared out at the torn up landscape. There were people here and there, but they were hidden under huge, black umbrellas of pessimism and depression. Eyes dulled, wisps of frozen breath escaping their lips. The tale-tale sign of life. The only sign. She walked among the people. A flash of colour, of wholeness, unbroken. Her dress was all colours. Different to each person. Telling their most wished for desire. Yellow for happiness, blue for calm, orange for that crazy joy that comes with freedom, red for love, white for innocence, and green for life, a real life. They hated her for what she had. That they didn’t. And that hate kept them grey, grey as the clouds. So they shut her out, never spoke to her, and soon her colour slipped out, and she was drowned in the grey, a speck of light in the dark. Then nothing.