In which I meet a spider

My sister and I were in the kitchen, suddenly my mum gave a little scream and ripped off her slipper. I looked down onto the bottom shelf, there just slipping back behind a pile of place mats, was a spider. Now I don’t like spiders at the best of times, but this was no ordinary spider. This was the Goliath of spiders, the Voldemort, the Sauron, he was the prime example of what a spider wants to be, huge, black and I don’t hesitate to admit, pretty terrifying. Eventually Mum convinced Emily to catch or kill the spider. She began to endeavour to do so, unpacking the random things at the back of the cupboard that had probably been in there since the Vikings attacked Britain. Anyway, she failed to destroy our foe so I decided (for whatever reason…) to have a go. I sat down and gingerly took out a tin that had been pressed against the bottom of the cupboard for so long that it was a little stuck, I gave it a push, there behind it was the spider, I held the tin out from me with two fingers. Yuck. But Mr. Houdini ran up through a gap to the next shelf. So I began unpacking that one, the huge glass bowls were quite heavy, and I was worried that I would drop them in surprise if the spider did appear. However he seemed to have heard the noise for he went down again, (that is one thing me and the spider share: the inability to make up our minds). This time I caught him in a cup. 😀 yay! Emily then tried to take him out of the cupboard but at present he is still being suffocated or starved in the bottom of the cup.

Later Note: My dad somehow got the spider out of the cupboard in the end… Superdad! My dad put the spider outside, where he belongs, and apparently he rushed straight back to the house. We however barred the doors and windows and hopefully our uninvited visitor will not come again.


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