In which I introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Heather. I am 14 years old, British (rule Britannia!) but with many other roots, a devoted lover of books, and as I should have probably said first- a Christian. Wait! Before you all run off, I am not a perfect person in fact I am quite the opposite, and I just have to say one thing: Being a Christian means Jesus should be the centre of my life, thus if I am going to write a blog on me, I can’t leave my saviour out.

I am very normal, I am not an up and coming fashion queen, gifted photographer, a second Leonardo Di Vinci, or anything of the sort. But I do play piano and flute, write poems (you will probably see samples of them!) and I write stories. However I am no author. An author is dedicated, persistent, in love with writing, and writes enough for a book to be called a book not just a couple of thousand words, I am none of this. (Actually, if I suddenly don’t write for ages, do send me a reminder… I am not, how do you say, errr, good at continuing things I start, as my many half started ‘books’ will tell.

I am also part of a family. We aren’t perfect, I argue with my two sisters (Hannah and Emily), shout at my brother (Joshua) and talk back to my parents (Wendy and Glyn, or as you will probably come to know them- Mum and Dad.)

Note: I will be giving my friends and other people featuring in my stories different names.

As I said before, I love books. I read anything and everything, from Harry Potter to Jane Austen, my favourites include: Pride and Prejudice, the Anne of Green Gables series, the Mirror Chronicles, Narnia, and many, many more. I will be doing book reviews on this blog as well 😛 Look forward to it!

I like movies (I mean, which 14 year old in this day and age doesn’t?) a couple of my favourites are Hunger Games (Peeta supporter right here) Divergent (gotta love it!) and the timeless favourite…. Harry Potter! I love the BBC Pride and Prejudice, and Sherlock. Also most Marvel movies, and Lord of the Rings. (TBH I think that the Hobbit films were awful, but each to their own opinion, and I love the LOTR trilogy.) Others: I’m Not Ashamed (sooooo good, will review it later possibly), and the Power of One (old movie that my mum made me watch but I loved by the end of it.)

And music. Music says what words cannot. Sometimes I find songs literally moving me almost to tears. I don’t like a particular band or singer, and I usually just listen to whatever my older sister is into at the time (then end up hating it because she plays it too much) but I do like this incredible composer/pianist Yiruma, he is amazing! As I said before I usually like songs not bands, although I am going through a little Megan Trainer phase at present…

I will be writing on the long and winding road to eternity, what we call life. The path will have its ups and downs, triumphs and failures, and joys and sorrows.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy taking the journey with me!